Resume of Daigo Yamamoto

1 -Fashion & Lifestyle photography

I've been worked with oversea media such as HYPEBEAST, Unrated, TimeOut and APEC headquarter of international clients such as PUMA, Timberland through the years when they need Tokyo based photographer. Especially with HYPEBEAST, I've been assigned as a regular photographer from their printed magazine team since 2014, and my works appear all their issues after #8, except #17 (Cover image of issue 8 is my work).

Sample Gallery (Click to enlarge)

2 - Idol and Glamour Photography

Idol, and Glamour (Gravure, グラビア) photography is also a field that I've been worked for. I worked as a website director for Gravure contents around 6 years. Also became a friend with the crews of L.Motion Production, ex-management company of 天氣女孩 after I visited them for an article of Japanese website and worked L.Motion for making their promotional assets until they released the girls to other agency (Please note that I have no connection to current agency).

I can not show my past paid Gravure works in Japan to you so much because contracts between me and the companies which I worked for prohibit me to use the images as personal promotional assets. But please look into following personal works that I worked with 陳維芊(a.k.a. 猴抓妹), and same sample of the works with 天氣女孩 to see an outline of my Gravure works and Photoshop skill.

Sample Gallery (Click to enlarge)

Photoshop sample

3 - Skills as a magazine editor

Working as an editor is not my priority anymore. However my first career after graduated university was a magazine editor for a Japanese fashion magazine, so I have basic skills to compose a feature, organize a team to make an article and negotiate with a representative of fashion brands, agencies of idols, and any subjects for page features.

4 - Proposal of future FHM content with zero charge

I worked for some oversea media to cover 'Orient Industry (オリエント工業)‘, a sex-doll manufacturer several years before. However the feature got canceled because of advertisement concern (they told their ad client wanted them not to include explicit content).
After this cancellation, they granted me to have full rights to pitch the images to other media, so you can use following images with ZERO charge if you would want to make a feature for your magazine.

- I need to ask an approval from Orient Industry again If you would want to include to your magazine because it's been a while since we visited them to shoot.
- I will not ask any charge as long as you will use following images as is. But I'm happy if you can cover costs if you want me to have an additional shoot or want me to interview them.

5 - An another proposal you may have interested in

Along with working as an independent photographer, I've worked as a director(董事) of a company which famous cross-dress singer/wrestler 'LadyBeard(鬍鬚女)' has signed with.
His project is managed by CEO of the company and I am not directly involved in, however I can ALWAYS speak with them if you want to feature him or his another project 'DEADLIFT LOLITA' on your magazine.