Model calling for portfolio shoot

Daigo Yamamoto widely invites a model who can collaborate with to make a portfolio. (日本語による説明はこちらをご覧ください)

  1. Requirements
  2. Photographing Contents
  3. Usage of Photographs
  4. Outfits, Makeup and Hairdo Preparation
  5. Fee for modeling
  6. General Flow of Photographing
  7. Other conditions


  • Anyone above 18 years of age. No upper age limit, however please note the person over 18 but still goes to high school is not applicable.
  • No restrictions for modeling experience, nationality, and race. Please have a prior approval if you have signed to modeling agency.
  • People who can disclose an emergency contact such as Cellphone number, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter for pre-discussion for shooting and any urgent issue on shooting day.
  • Those who can agree and sign Model release form.

Photographing Contents

  • Portrait shoot in indoor or outdoor, outfits will diverse from everyday clothes to full nudity.
  • The outfits, how revealing they are, theme and imaginary of photographing will be confirmed with mutual agreement through pre-discussion, and photographer will never request anything which harm the agreement.

Usage of Photographs

  • No restrictions for photographer and model to use the photogrraphs for promoting themselves and their activities. Also both can include the photographs to own portfolio, with the exception all commercial purpose such as selling the photographs.
  • Please refrain from adding any extra paintings and/or effects after photographer delivers the photographs except resizing and trimming.

Outfits, Makeup and Hairdo Preparation

  • Model prepares own makeup, hairdo, and outfits. 
  • Photographer will arranges a wardrobe stylist and/or a makeup-styling artist depending on the theme and imagery of the shooting.
    * It is also welcomed if model has any particular idea for a wardrobe stylist and /or a makeup-styling artist and want to invite to the shooting.
  • Photographer may arrange outfits depending on the theme and imagery of the shooting.
  • In the case photographer prepares outfits which directly and closely touches model's skin such as an underwear or swimsuit, he will bring unused or laundered condition.

Fee for Modeling

  • Photographer and model will not pay a fee for modeling and photographing each other.

General Flow of Photographing

  1. Photographer and model confirm the theme, imagery and outfits, makeup, hairdo for the shooting through online or face-to-face discussion(s). 
  2. Photographer and model have a shooting session after both mutually agree the condition for the shooting which was discussed process 1.
  3. Model pulls off the photographs which he/she dosen't want to develop from the rough selection which is delivered from photographer, and discuss about post-processing.
  4. Photographer develop and retouches final selected photographs in accordance with the agreement on process 3.

Other Conditions

  • The amount of photographs which photographer finishes will be 5 to 20. 
  • Photographs will be delivered with jpg format, 1,200 pixel in longer length.
    * Photographs also can be delivered more bigger size (2,400 pixel in longer length ) and/or even as physical prints, in A4 format.
  • Model can bring his/her friend or any of those who can rely on as an observer if he/she feels unconfotable to meet up with photographer for discussion or shooting alone.
    * Photographer may ask a quick help to the observer during the shoot.
  • Photographer promisses he will remove all photographs which the model appear from his website or any social media channels within 30 days after he receives the request if model wants it because of lifestyle changes or termination of modeling career. However, please understand in advance photographer can not pulls off the photographs which are reposted to other websites.