About Daigo Yamamoto (Please inquire for full CV)
Daigo Yamamoto is an independent photographer based in Tokyo, Japan.
His approach to his subject for commercial assignment bases on fashion editorial and glamour photography. He believes both are the best way to seek, find, express, and admire the beauty of human nature. But he has no hesitation to be "journalistic". He isn't a journalist and doesn't mean to pretend to be, but he knows he has to remove his subjective opinions, accept really as it is, and also be willing to spend a long time reaching a goal like a true journalist depending on his theme. This attitude is obvious, especially with his long term project named "遠き近景 (遙遠近景, a distant foreground)" which covers Betelnut culture in Taiwan.

Partial list of clients / collaborators
101 Media Lab (HYPEBEAST) / L.Motion Entertainment / Pony Canyon / PUMA (Asia Pacific) / Socio Corporation (rocketnews24) / Time Out Tokyo / Tokyo Sangyo shimbun (GETOTAKU)

Main group exhibitions
2011 Onaeba - Yokohama, Japan
2012 Portrait Senka - Tokyo, Japan & Taipei, Taiwan
2013 Portrait Senka - Tokyo, Japan & Taipei, Taiwan